Digicon is a publication and consulting company specializing in all aspects of construction specifications and product data development in North America.  As specification writers, publishers, educators, and consultants, we strive to maintain our lead at the forefront of construction documentation and software technology.


Digicon is very pleased to announce that we are now able to provide French translations for BRANDEDspecs (product specifications) and your office specifications.   We continue to provide specifications that meet industry standards - now in French as well as English. Contact us.  You will be pleased that you did.

Digicon, in conjunction with the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) and NBS (National Building Specification), UK, jointly executed a survey of BIM activity in Canada.  This survey is also delivered in the UK, Finland, and New Zealand.  Digicon offers the raw survey data, as well as an analysis from Digicon's (generally, the specifiers') viewpoint.  In late 2013, a similar analysis comparing Canada with the other three countries will be offered.


Canadian Master Specifications (CMS)

CMS is a full master specification that has been continuously updated since 1977.  Today, CMS is updated quarterly to insure that a maximum of 4 years transpires between the review of standards.  CMS is a component of the “SpecSUITE” family, consisting of 5 varieties of specifications including MiniSPEC and HomeSPEC.



An intelligent specification software developed for the BIM environment.  BIMdrive is software designed by specifiers for specifiers, to build project specifications and manage office master specifications.



A software designed to supplement WordPerfect and Word to semi-automate many specification-related word processing functions.  SpecMacros enable users to efficiently edit specifications in a Word Processor.


Manufacturers’ BrandedSPECs:

BrandedSPECs are proprietary specifications, prepared and formatted with the same care and attention as our commercially sold master specifications and compatible with our specification software, including BIMdrive.  BrandedSPECs are designed to enable users to effectively specify a particular product for a base-bid scenario with minimal effort.


Office Master Specifications:

Commercial master specification too generic for your projects?  If you are specialized enough to require a customized in-house master specification, we can help develop and maintain it.



Digicon's writers are practising specifiers;  we prepare project specifications for architects across Canada. Ask us for a quote.



Looking for educational opportunities for your staff?  Check out our website, www.spex.ca for seminars and webinars offered by Digicon and Certification or web-based courses offered by Construction Specifications Canada (CSC).


Digicon News Feed

BIMdrive, the latest Canadian software for specifiers working in a BIM environment, has arrived.

  • Point and click (checkbox) specifying,
  • Bi-lingual specifications (English/French text using NMS),
  • Exports to fully functional PDF with bookmarks, fully formatted DOCX files.

Join industry leading design firms Stantec and DIALOG, who chose BIMdrive for their specifications.



Digicon SealLook for our Seal

All BrandedSPECs (proprietary product specifications) receive our Seal that reassures specifiers that the information is complete, current, and follows all industry standards in the year written which is located on the Seal.


Construction Specification Canada (CSC) and the Digicon's StorefrontSpex logo


Digicon is very proud of our affiliation with CSC.  It allows us to offer you the full range of products required in our industries - standards of practice, format standards such as MasterFORMAT, as well as Digicon's products and services.