The Canadian Master Specification is a master specification library, oriented to medium sized and larger construction projects. It includes the most common Divisions from 00 through 34 consisting of approximately 600 sections. This specification conforms to national format documents and is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure its currency.  Written to allow for performance, prescriptive, and proprietary specification methods; it can be provided in Word; Wordperfect; or Specnique.

CMS© was first introduced in 1977 under the name of CONSPEC©, later changed in the early 1980's to CONSPEC2©. That trend setting specification package was Canada's first master specification system, preceding the National Master Specification (NMS) by one year. The author of SpecSUITE documents also developed and maintained the most comprehensive master specification system available anywhere in the United States; SPECTEXT©. SPECTEXT is still marketed for use throughout the USA. This expertise offers YOU the opportunity to acquire the best master specification available anywhere.

• Contains section content that varies from new construction, to certain aspects of renovation, to project take-over and commissioning.

• Contains complete bid and contract document model forms, supporting CCDC standard forms in most instances, adding others where there may be voids.

• Thoroughly encompasses specification subjects of varying complexity from product only sections, to function oriented sections, to location specific sections.

• Written in prescriptive, proprietary, and performance terms; most sections permit a specifier to select a method, appropriate to the project.

• Can be preceded by other SpecSUITE© products such as MasterProspectus© and OutlineSPEC©.

CMS Complete

Division 0 to 34

CMS Architectural/Structural

Division 0 to 1, 2 thru 14, 31, 32

CMS Landscape

Divisions 0, 1, part of 2,3,5

CMS Structural

Division 0 to 6

CMS Interiors

Division 0, 1, 9 and 12

CMS Mechanical

Division 0, 1, part of 13, 21, 22, 23

CMS Electrical

Division 0, I, part of 13,26,28

CMS Mechanical and Electrical

Division 0, 1 part of 13, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28


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