In addition to specifications, Digicon regularly authors construction technology publications available on;  some at no cost.

Design Consultants, Specifiers

Metric Guide for Specifiers link to publications is a Guide for weights and measure units in specifications and addresses basic metric conversion parameters with a specific focus on construction specifications and indirectly, drawings.

The Glossary of "Front End" Terms is a manuscript which identifies, coordinates, and categorizes a wide representation of contract-like terms with references sited regarding the industry sources plus the knowledge gleaned from many years of practice by the author.


Product Representative Handbook is the first published text specifically developed to act as a learning tool for manufacturer’ s representatives. The text focuses on the North American commercial construction industry, the key players, the project construction process, the manufacturers representative's role, and key marketing approaches.




ProductFormat provides guidelines for the development of manufacturer's product descriptions that complement the industry accepted format documents developed by CSC/CSI:  MasterFormat and SectionFormat.

Check out CSC's website for Certification Programs for specifiers and product representatives and webinars.

Manufacturer Seminars

Digicon provides advanced seminars periodically and upon request.  For further information call 800-610-7732.

PowerPoint Presentation:

  • This 13-slide (PDF) presentation explains to manufacturers the importance of good proprietary specifications to their marketing efforts.

    Manufacturers who are wondering why we have BrandedSPEC and wonder how it can work for them should download and view this presentation.

    Then, e-mail David at